Growth marketing for construction and home improvement companies

We scale home improvement and construction companies to 8 and 9 figure revenue through advanced startegy & implementation of organic and paid media marketing.


Timur Grigorchuk

I am on a quest to build a portfolio of 100 winning partners. With a track record of scaling home improvement & construction companies to 8 figures and beyond, I bring a unique combination of expertise in Information Technology, SEO, paid media and analytics.

My journey began at 12 when I built my first website and ranked it #1 on Google. Now, with skills honed through algorithm shifts, market changes, AI and 18 years in the trenches, I lead projects with a relentless and competitive spirit with my team.

Improving through obstacles, we’ve refined a holistic organic and paid growth approach, prioritizing essentials for long-term client success. Our principles involve consistent innovation, continuous learning, tenacity, accountability and quick implementation.

My family immigrated to Canada when I was 15, I speak four languages, embodying MEGAWEBVISION’s values of relentless curiosity and resourcefulness.

Under promise and over deliver. It is usually simple but it is NOT easy.

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Explore our values

Integrity > Excuses

We embrace full ownership of our actions and results. When success is achieved, we celebrate together. When challenges arise, we take responsibility and strive to find solutions.

Client Success > Transactions

We are driven by our clients’ victories, not just financial gains. Our focus is on building long-lasting partnerships that create real, sustainable growth.

Winning > Settling

We are relentless and strategic in our approach, continuously pushing boundaries to secure a competitive edge and ensure our clients achieve big wins.

Excellence > Mediocrity

We are committed to excellence in everything we do, constantly refining our skills and strategies to deliver the highest quality outcomes.

Courage > Comfort

We boldly innovate and adapt, embracing challenges with a fearless mindset to keep our clients ahead in their industries.

Simplicity > Complexity

We simplify the complex, providing clear, actionable strategies that integrate seamlessly with our clients’ leadership teams, making their lives easier and businesses stronger.

Make your vision a reality

How do we help your business acheieve new heights?


Technical SEO

Deep web development & integration skills


Organic Lead Generation

Creative search engine optimization tactics


Paid Media Advertising

Home improvement & construction expertise


Content Marketing

Become a leading authority in your vertical


Conversion Rate Optimization

Convert impressions into qualified leads


Growth Strategy

Make data driven executive decisions


Self-driven team with high IQ, emotional intelligence and a bold vision

Digital Strategy

Designing comprehensive digital strategies that align with your business goals and drive sustainable growth.

Advanced SEO

Implementing sophisticated SEO techniques to boost your search engine rankings and attract quality traffic.

Paid Media

Designing and managing highly effective paid media campaigns across Google, Bing, and META platforms to maximize ROI.


Optimizing websites and creatives using advanced data analytics to enhance user experience and increase conversions.

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If our values align and you are ready to grow then let’s make your mega vision a reality.

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